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McLaren 765LT BRIDE bucket seat reupholstery

Automotive interiors, seat reupholstering and repairs

At K5, we specialize in reupholstering and repairing your car's seats and interiors . We can do anything from partial repairs such as torn seats, peeling ceilings, or peeling doors to completely reupholstering the entire interior using the fabric of your choice.
We also do a lot of interior restoration and custom-made interiors for both domestic and imported cars. We will do our best to meet your requests.
Reupholstering and repair work will be carried out by our craftsmen, one by one, with great care.




ご予約可能時期: 2024年8月中旬以降   ※詳細についてはお問合せ下さい。


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Installation example

Mazda Cosmo sports seat reupholstery

Interior restoration and repair

Classic car repair and reupholstering examples

BMW mini seat reupholstery

Custom made interior

Total interior coordination through reupholstering

Peugeot RCZ seat reupholstery

Re-upholster a car seat

Examples of seat reupholstery and repair work

Automotive ceiling replacement and repair

Other examples

Reupholstering and repair of interior parts other than seats

business hours


Closed: Fridays and Saturdays *May be closed for events, long holidays, etc.


108-3 Daimoncho Moriyama-shi Shiga Japan 524-0052


About inquiries

At K-FIVE, we accept inquiries via email and telephone.

We welcome any questions or inquiries regarding interior reupholstery, repairs, etc.

Please note that it may take some time for us to respond to your e-mail inquiries.

If you are in a hurry, please contact us directly by phone.

* If you enter a mobile phone email address, please be aware of any settings such as rejection of emails.

Please change your settings so that our emails are not recognised as spam.

*We may not be able to contact you if you make a mistake in entering your email address or contact information.

Please double check that there are no errors in the information you entered.

If you have not received a response within a week, please contact us again.

When making an inquiry, please check the privacy policy on the inquiry page .



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