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Serafil 20 70188

This is Serafil sewing thread from AMANN, a German company.

This sewing thread is recommended for furniture, leather crafts, etc. as it has excellent durability, weather resistance, texture, and abrasion resistance.

Automotive thread is the original equipment used by many European manufacturers.

Color number: 70188 Thickness: 20 (TEX135) Roll: 600m FS

The thickness is 20 (TEX135), which is roughly the same thickness (slightly thicker) as Vinymo #8, which is often used for car interior reupholstering and repair, and for bags, etc.

The length of the roll is 600m.

*Please understand that this is an imported product, so there may be some quality issues with the core, stickers, etc., and some dirt. The quality of the thread is not affected.

Serafil 20 70188

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